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Title and Escrow Notarization Options : All-in-One Platform

Whether you're a title agent transferring property with a quitclaim deed or an escrow agent setting the stage for a construction project with a Notice of Commencement, BlueNotary ensures that every document is notarized quickly and effectively. With our title guarantee escrow services, no stone is left unturned.

Experience the simplicity and convenience of our user-friendly platform and take your title and escrow company to the next level. For everything you need

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Upload Your Documents

Upload your documents or select one of the pre-tagged document, and fill in the client's details


Assign a Notary

Assign your own in-house notary, or use BlueNotary's On Demand Certified Notaries. You can also let the customer select their preferred time as per the notary's availability without any back and forth.


Verify & Sign

Using Knowledge-Based-Assesment questions or by verifying the Government issued ID card & Biometric, the customer is verified and the notary can seamlessly guide them with the digital signing process. After the session, everyone gets a copy of the encrypted document delivered through your branded email.

With BlueNotary, your title and escrow documents are just a few clicks away from being fully notarized and legally binding. And a heavy focus on Security

Industry Certified
We are MISMO accredited and SOC2 certified and partnered with Fidelity National Financial.
Audited by 3rd party every year
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Iron Safe
10 Years of Audio & Video Recordings, Audit Logs and documents encrypted with X509 PKI. Verified through Blockchain Ledger
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Reduce Fraud Risks
Using Knowledge-Based Authentication, Government ID profiling and biometrics scanning, signers are verified swiftly and securely
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100% Compliant in 40+ States

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online notarization stands as a modern and legitimate alternative to traditional paper-based notarization. A document notarized online holds equal legal validity to its counterpart notarized through conventional methods. This online notarization process is recognized and enforceable across all states, with its legitimacy derived from adherence to the laws of the notary's commissioning state, and every state recognizes valid notarizations of other states

To know if your state is BlueNotary approved, hover over your state here or see the list of states here.

BlueNotary takes security very seriously. We use advanced encryption technologies to protect your documents. Additionally, we utilize two-point identification processes incorporating knowledge-based identification or biometrics scanning with live credential evaluation.

Biometric forensic analysis performs facial scans in tandem with ID scanning. Knowledge-based identification (KBA) uses a series of 5 personal questions to verify the signer's identity, and credential verification uses visual and electronic analysis of the signer's physical ID to confirm their identity.

Whether you are an escrow agency, a title company, or an individual, you can trust us to maintain the highest level of security.

We handle everything from Power of Attorney, Affidavits, Closing Disclosures, to Notice of Commencements and Promissory Notes. Need to notarize Jurats or Notice of Liens ? We've got you covered. We aim to be your one-stop shop for all your notarization needs.

Yes, BlueNotary is fully equipped to handle bulk notarization requests. Our platform is designed to accommodate high volumes of transactions, making it an ideal choice for real estate firms.

BlueNotary can handle multiple transactions simultaneously. Our system allows you to upload and process several documents simultaneously, enabling efficient notarization of documents from various transactions.

BlueNotary provides a user-friendly platform where you can track the status of your notarization request. You will receive notifications about the progress of your request, ensuring transparency throughout the process.

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